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Visitor, here are some tips to keep your trailer in check for the long haul....

Visitor, here are some tips to keep your trailer in check for the long haul....

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February 2022


Keeping your trailer in check for the long haul

On February 2nd Punxsutawney Phil predicted six more weeks of winter giving all of us plenty of time to get our trailers ready for Spring. Proper maintenance and repair are essential for your trailers overall safety and longevity. Montrose Trailers is here every step of the way! Here are some tips to keep your trailer operating smoothly:
• Coupling—ensure that you coupling is clean, and in good condition, with no slack. In addition, make sure that your latch is locked down and that your cotter pin is in workable condition.
• Tires—always check to make sure that that your tires, wheels, and wheel bearing are in optimal condition. Inspect your tires for damage and make sure that your air pressure is correct. Wheel bearings should be corrosion free, and side walls should be uncracked. Lastly, please be sure to rotate your tires regularly.
• Brakes—inspect your brakes after every trip and have them repaired when necessary.
• Suspension—no matter what type of suspension your trailer has, it is crucial to always check that your suspension is free of any sort of debris, such as, dirt, salt, and road dirt. Additionally, inspect all metal bolts and pins of your suspension to make sure that they are corrosion free and are in good working condition.
Following these tips will ensure that your Montrose Trailer lasts for the long haul


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The Montrose Standard:
At Montrose Manufacturing Inc. we hold all of our products to a high standard.  We work with each of our clients to make sure that the product we are offering is to their exact specifications and desires.  Therefore, if you do not find a standard model from our product offerings, just ask, we can build it for you.  In addition, we strive to offer each of our units at a competitive price, while making sure that each product is created with excellence in mind.

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Our History

Montrose Trailers: Founded in 1971, our history tells a story of the dedication and technical background that helped create our trailers. Montrose Trailers offers premium custom made to order trailers for customers with practically any hauling need.  Each trailer Montrose delivers is created with pride and client satisfaction in mind—we want each customer to enjoy their trailer from the second it is delivered and for years to come.

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