Our History

"In 1971, my wife and I realized that we had a need for a quality utility trailer.  As we began our search for a durable and quality product, we were not able to find anything that was held to a high enough standard.  In addition, many of the trailers we found did not satisfy the requirements we needed.  However, we still needed a trailer, so I decided to build one instead.

I began working on the trailer, but even before I could finish it, a neighbor from town drove by and admired it.  The neighbor was in awe and was so impressed that he persuaded me to sell it to him, even with the knowledge that the paint wasn’t even dry.  So with my first trailer attempt sold, I began to work on another…I still needed a trailer.  To my surprise, a similar series of events occurred and I sold my second trailer as well.

As news traveled, our trailers became well known for their high quality, durability, and satisfaction from clients.  In 1992, we switched to all aluminum units, which have provided for lighter trailers.  In addition, by keeping a small business model, as opposed to a larger corporation, we are able to work with our customers individually and provide personalized service.  We can work with them to make sure that the end product is something they will cherish and enjoy using for years to come.  Our goal is to always offer a stronger and higher quality unit at a competitive price, because that is the Montrose Standard."

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