Construction Features

The Importance of a Strong Chassis Foundation

At Montrose we believe every trailer should begin with a strong chassis for foundational support, along with an individualized approach to building each trailer.

Unlike other manufactures that may build their trailers with a cookie-cutter model, we understand that having a weak chassis can compromise the structural integrity of the trailer.  Those manufacturers rely on the enclosure (box) to secure and strengthen the chassis.  If the enclosure (box) becomes damaged, then the entire structure will be out of alignment and compromised. 


We build every trailer with a solid chassis foundation.  Then we construct the enclosure (box) of your trailer with specifications equipped to handle your unique needs. After the chassis foundation is built to our high standards, the upper enclosure is built with precise measurements to go on top of the base deck. This process ensures that your custom trailer has solid construction both in its foundation and to your personalized needs. 

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